Thursday 8 November 2012

Spring Sunshine

The Torlesse Range
Sheffield Valley with the Torlesse Peaks
The Hawkins River

 At this time of year there is water in the river.  For much of the year it is dry in this section.

The yellow broom adds colour to the landscape, but it is a noxious weed.

Large Narcissus Fly in a Pot Marigold

The large narcissus fly (Merodon equestris) is yet another accidental import from Europe.  It arrived in a consignment of daffodil bulbs and has spread over much of the country.

Although it looks like a small bumblebee it is a hoverfly.  It hovers above a flower before landing, and when it has finished feeding on the nectar it darts away so fast that it difficult to see which direction it took.

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